Score (harmonium version)


for four keyboards (4 amplified harmoniums or 4 synthesizers), four percussionists
duration: 21 minutes

About the work:

I am afraid of quiet is in two movements: the first is quiet, the second is loud. The title comes from a portion of an interview David Foster Wallace gave in 2003 to a German television program:

"When you walk into most public spaces in America, it isn't quiet anymore; they pipe music through, and the music's easy to make fun of, because it's usually really horrible music, but it seems significant that we don't want things to be quiet ever, anymore, and to me, that seems to me to have something to do with, when you feel like the purpose of your life is to gratify yourself, and get things for yourself, and go all the time. There's this other part, that's the same part that is almost hungry for silence and quiet, and thinking really hard about the same thing for maybe half an hour instead of thirty seconds, and doesn't get fed at all. It makes itself felt in the body as a kind of dread, in here. . . . The faster things go, the more we feed that part of ourselves, but don't feed the part of ourselves that, that likes quiet. That can live in quiet. That can live without any kind of stimulation."