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for 2 or more percussionists
duration: variable

Commissioned / premiered by:

the U.Va Percussion Ensemble on the occasion of its 10th anniversary & I-Jen Fang, director
premiered on April 11, 2015 at Old Cabell Hall, Charlottesville, VA

About the work:

This piece is built on a simple process: one hand or group plays a short repeating rhythmic pattern with a clear beat. As this pattern repeats, the other hand/group quietly enters with a rhythmic pattern with a different dominant beat and crescendos while the original hand/group makes a decrescendo to silence. In this way, the music passes from one hand/group to the other, from high drum to low drum and then back again, over and over, and we correspondingly feel the strong or dominant beat shifting.

As the piece progresses, the rhythmic patterns lengthen and the amount of activity inside of them increases, creating an ever louder, more active and more complex sonority.

I think of this music as simultaneously vast and intimate, monolithic yet intensely focused on the smallest musical units. For me, this intense focus on fully playing out the implications of a simple musical process yields something wild and huge, unpredictable and strange. The process may be methodical, but the final result transports us to somewhere beyond logic, far off from the place we began, in a singular and unfamiliar landscape.