ambient room music for tape
part one: 65'
part two: 95'

About the work:

music for empty places is designed to be played in a room or large space over a long period of time, acting as a continuous source of sound while other events and sounds are occurring in the same space.

I like to think of it as a painting or sculpture, something which has a continued physical presence in a space that you can either choose to focus on or ignore. It doesn't demand your constant attention like concert music, but rather fills a space like light, slowly changing as hours pass, indifferent to whatever other activity is occurring simultaneously.

Play it in a room you aren't occupying; play it in a room you are occupying and do something else until you forget its still playing; play it in a room and leave it for someone else to find; play it in a public space and wait for someone else to notice it; play it in a room, leave the room, leave the building, think about it still playing in the empty room in the empty building.