for Roomful of Teeth (SATB x 2), hand percussion

1. the gentle rigor of things passing
2. what things would say to one another

Duration: 10 minutes

Written for / premiered by:

Roomful of Teeth
premiered on June 26, 2009 at Mass MoCA, North Adams, MA

About the work:

These two pieces were written for new music vocal group Roomful of Teeth during a June 2009 residency at Mass MoCA in North Adams, MA. The first, the gentle rigor of things passing, calls for two styles of Tuvan throat singing techniques: xoomei, which produces ringing overtones over a strong fundamental note, and sygyt, which creates powerful whistling overtones and a quiet, almost inaudible fundamental. The piece layers individual notes over one another, slowly building up a spacious and highly resonant soundscape, at once ancient-sounding and new.

what things would say to one another is an atmospheric double hocket, with the four male and four female voices alternating chords while also playing alternating chords on crotales, small metal discs that produce a clear, long-ringing bell sounds.